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Affordable Hardware for Project Development

Lately I heard about the development of a condition monitoring project involving a team of more than 50. Most of the members were either in software and sales, and one, just one member on hardware. Given so many programmers I can only conclude that software is the new sexy.

The project is currently stalled because the choice of available hardware is either cheap and slow, fast and cost an arm and a leg, or buy basic unit cheap but pay for every little additional option which in the end still cost a lot.

This type of project requires a fast processing DAQ, which rules out models that do multiplexing and asynchronous modes of measurement. What is needed is a DAQ with high kHz processing speed for each channel. Such models are typically expensive leading to high prices which would not be welcomed by users especially in Asia where we love things cheep, cheep, cheap.

Fortunately, for this customer we have a solution for them. Something good, fast, and affordable. With our fast DAQ they can save a lot of processing cost which can come up to quite a pretty penny. This is good news for them because it will make their selling price viable to users.

The customer found it hard to believe that they never heard of our brand. Yet, our brand is not entirely unknown to them as they are already selling products manufactured using our brand of DAQ. Its just that their company is so big that its not just left hand does not know what right hand is doing, even the index finger does not know what the middle finger is doing.

If you are developing a project involving big data and machine learning in which the processing speed is critical but you cannot spend too much on hardware or be unviable talk to us. Send us an enquiry at

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