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High temp MIL-C-5015 isolated connector, 32 ft high temp cable with stainless steel overbraid

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

The Wilcoxon R6W-0-J9T2AS-XX (XX = 16, 32, 64 feet) is a cable assembly for use with vibration accelerometer. It comes with molded MIL-C-5015 2-socket connector, IP67, rated to 125°C, electrical isolation between shield and transducer housing, to blunt cut. Cable type is 2-conductor twisted pair, isolated shield, yellow Teflon® jacket with stainless steel overbraid covering.

The molded 2-socket, MIL-C-5015 style connector come with an isolated shield and an IP67 rating. This durable connector features a stainless steel coupling ring providing a tight seal, allowing it to withstand contamination from chemical splashes and water jets, and can be submerged up to 1 meter (IP67). Continuously operable at 125°C, the connector can be used in a variety of harsh plant environments.

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