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Lower the Cost of Collecting Big Data

ITAP 2023 is over. One thing that stood out is that thanks to IoT everyone wants data, lots of data, big data.

But big data doesn’t just drop into your lap. You need to collect it. If you collect a lot of data you need a fast, powerful and reliable DAQ. Accurate data is essential for machine learning to avoid a “garbage in, garbage out” outcome.

With the right DAQ you have control of the destiny of your data and not be held hostage by the proprietary software of your bought hardware, more so if the DAQ is already a costly investment to begin with.

In this regard, a DAQ allowing the use of open source software will enable you to control the ownership of your precious data. Never be a hostage again to the software manufacturer.

Contact us if you are interested in an open source DAQ system that does not compromise on reliability and performance yet does not cost you an arm and a leg.

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