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Adash A4900 Vibrio M Ex Vibration Meter


The Adash A4900 Vibrio M EX Vibration Meter, Analyzer and Data Collector in Intrinsically Safe Version is now available.

All basic vibrodiagnostics measurements are available: Overall Values, FFT Spectrum, Time signal, Frequency bands, Route measurement or Expert system. You can listen to the signal with the headphones supplied with every unit.


The Vibrio M Ex comunicates with the DDS software, which you can download for free from the Adash website.

The Maintenance Swiss Army Knife vibration meter with features :-

  • FFT, Time Waveform

  • Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement

  • ISO 10816 standards

  • 16 hours of operation

  • IR thermometer

  • Stethoscope

  • Memory / USB-C communication

  • LED Stroboscope

  • Collect, trend and analyze vibration data

  • Ex certification: II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb


Email for quotation and lead time.

Adash A4900 Vibrio - Ex

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