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Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies
Vibration Monitoring Products

Wilcoxon Sensors

H23 Next Generation Hydrophones

Small and versatile for a variey of underwater acoustic applications

Lab and ocean applications :-
  • Calibration reference standards
  • Ultrasonic measurements in liquids
  • Cavitation measurements
  • Laboratory and industrial measurements in liquids, gases
  • Military surveillance
  • Underwater biological studies
  • Ship noise studies
  • Pump and machinery studies
  • Monitoring of underwater ordnance


Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reliable, high-quality vibration monitoring products. Their solutions are at work in predictive maintenance and condition monitoring programs around the world. Amphenol Wilcoxon designs and manufactures a wide range of accelerometers, 4-20mA vibration transmitters and loop-powered sensors, velocity sensors, cable & connector assemblies, cementing pads and mounting studs, enclosures, handheld vibration meters and supportive instrumentation, and more. Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies solutions are built to last, helping you effectively monitor rotating machinery in industrial, underwater and defense applications.

Amphenol Wilcoxon reliable accelerometers are the vibration sensing products of choice for customers across many industries and applications. They are used to measure the vibration of rotating machines, including bearings, gears, gearboxes, turbines, and shafts. Monitoring the condition of production assets not only prevents catastrophic failures. It can also detect developing faults and wear before serious damage occurs, reducing unwanted and costly downtime and improving machine performance.

Wilcoxon is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of accelerometers, velocity sensors, hazardous location certified sensors, portable vibration meters, ...

I) Vibration Monitoring Solutions

Wilcoxon is your reliable source for a broad selection of high quality, long-lasting accelerometers to monitor vibration, commonly found on rotating industrial machinery including motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, blowers, machine tool spindles, compressors, chillers, rollers, and mixers. Maintenance and reliability professionals use their accelerometers for predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring. For guidance on choosing the right sensor for your application, view their sensor selection chart including specifications or visit their industry pages for application-specific guidance.


Select from their range of general-purpose sensors, high-frequency accelerometers, low-frequency accelerometers, high-temperature accelerometers, intrinsically safe IEPE accelerometers, Class I Division 2 certified IEPE accelerometers, dual output accelerometer and temperature sensors, triaxial accelerometers, velocity sensors, high voltage isolation accelerometers, radiation-resistant vibration sensors, low-power, low-voltage accelerometers and underwater accelerometers.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Vibration Accelerometers

The first smart Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies HART-enabled vibration transmitter sensors for industrial environments. Are you ready to solve your vibration monitoring needs using one of the most popular and widely used industrial protocols today?


HART-enabled 4-20 mA vibration sensors make it easier and more convenient to analyze vibration data on your critical rotating equipment using existing HART networks as part of your process automation, condition monitoring and machinery diagnostics application. Select from standard or hazardous are certified models.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, HART Vibration Accelerometers

Speed up your sensor commissioning and ensure confidence in the entire measurement chain before beginning expensive tests and calibration.


Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies handheld shaker is portable and rugged. ReferenceMate portable vibration reference source quickly verifies the operation and set-up of accelerometers and velocity sensors in the field.


It's easy to verify sensor performance and the integrity of cable connections between the sensor and data acquisition system. Amphenol Wilcoxon offers universal accessory kits including adaptors for metric applications or compatibility with triaxial accelerometers.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Portable Handheld Shakers

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is your reliable source for a wide assortment of accelerometer cable assemblies. It's important to carefully choose the cable assembly to ensure proper operation in your environment.


The two types of cables most commonly used to connect an accelerometer to acquisition equipment are coaxial and shielded multi-conductor. It's also important to consider the jacket material. The intended environment will dictate requirements including temperature, chemicals, radiation and moisture. Take a look at their wide range of cable options. It's easy to purchase Amphenol Wilcoxon cables and connectors in volume for on-site fabrication of accelerometer cable assemblies.

Select from their range of high temperature cables and connectors, M12 cable assemblies, Radiation resistant cable assemblies, field installation connector kits for on-site cable assembly fabrication and bulk cable for on-site cable assembly fabrication.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Vibration Accelerometers, Cable Assembly, Singapore

Do you need quick and safe access to your vibration data? Do you need it to be reliable in even the harshest industrial environments? Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies rugged industrial enclosures are designed with the end user in mind. Check out their configurable enclosures that can be customized to your vibration data collection requirements. 

Select from their range of Vibralink switchboxes for accelerometers, Vibralink Lite switchboxes for accelerometers, termination and junction boxes for vibration sensors, Vibralink switchboxes for dual-output accelerometer and temperature sensors, vibration transmitter enclosures.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Vibration Accelerometers, Vibration Enclosures

The new Wilcoxon Ultrasound Kits is available in four convenient kits for a range of applications such as leak detection, diagnose electrical issues, and early diagnosis of bearing.

Ultrasound Kits available :-

UDK-CM Condition Monitoring Kit
Hear, monitor and diagnose bearings, gears, pumps, valves, and cylinders. A cloud-based application analyzes, trends, and reports the condition of critical production equipment. See the UDK-CM kit details.


UDK-LK Leak Detection Kit
Detect leaks of any type of gas from vacuums, valves, steam traps, and HVAC systems. See the UDK-LK kit details.

UDK-EI Electrical Safely Inspection Kit
Detect corona discharge, tracking, and arcing from a safe distance, with no need to remove panels or approach power lines. See the UDK-EI kit details.


UDK-VL Valve and Steam Trap Monitoring Kit
Save money by detecting internal bypass leaks with a single-point inspection. See the UDK-VL kit details.


WR Ultrasound.png

Wilcoxon offers a broad selection of 4-20 mA vibration transmitters. Their 4-20 mA sensors are an accelerometer and vibration transmitter combined in a rugged industrial housing. They provide a 4-20 mA output signal proportional to the overall vibration level. The 4-20 mA output is commonly accepted by process control systems such as a PLC, DCS or SCADA system for cost-effective continuous vibration monitoring.

Select from models for acceleration, velocity, displacement, intrinsically safe, explosion proof, HART-enable (smart) or dual output of dynamic vibration data. If you need guidance selecting the right sensor for your application, please visit Amphenol Wilcoxon industry pages for recommendations for specific requirements.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, 4-20 mA Vibration Accelerometers

Are you looking for cost-effective 24/7 vibration monitoring of your rotating machines as part of your condition monitoring and process automation program?


Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies Intelligent Transmitter (iT) series vibration transmitters convert dynamic sensors' output to a 4-20 mA signal proportional to overall vibration. The 4-20 mA signal interfaces directly with a PLC, DCS or SCADA system. When trending indicates an increase in vibration levels, the raw vibration data can be accessed via a BNC connector for detailed vibration analysis and fault diagnosis.


Pair their Intelligent Transmitter with the programmable iT Alarm for continuous alarming capability. The iT series of DIN rail mounted units are ideal for balance-of-plant monitoring of critical assets that may currently be unmonitored. Select from Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies range of intelligent transmitters or iT alarm models.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, 4-20 mA Vibration Accelerometers

Get your work done faster and easier with Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies handheld vibration meters and handheld shaker.


It's important to see a clear picture of machine problems including unbalance, misalignment and looseness. Monitor vibration on machines around your plant and in the field using our high quality and reliable products to confidently monitor asset health and keep valuable machines running. Select from Amphenol Wilcoxon range of handheld vibration meter and handheld shaker models.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Vibration Meter Kits

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is your resource for vibration monitoring accessories. They offer a wide assortment of mounting hardware including magnetic sensor mounting bases, mounting pads, studs, isolator bases, fin mounts, and triaxial mounting cubes - along with adhesives and greases.


With Amphenol Wilcoxon selection of connectors, crimp tools, power supplies, amplifiers, line adapters, in-line charge converters, and battery kits, Wilcoxon has all your vibration monitoring needs covered.

Select from their range of magnet mounts, mounting pads, mounting studs, isolator bases, triaxial mounting cubes, fin mounts, epoxy and grease, power and signal conditioners, cable assembly fabrication accessories and intelligent transmitter accessories.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Vibration Accelerometers, Installation Accessories

Wilcoxon's digital panel meters are versatile and widely used in a variety of process monitoring applications. They accept common process voltages from 1 V to 5 V or ±10 V, currents from 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, 100 Ω RTDs, and the four most common thermocouples.

PCD100 and PCD200 series process displays can be field programmed via the external button contacts on the front of the panel meter, or they can be programmed remotely with included PC-based software.

Select from Amphenol Wilcoxon range of panel meters for one process input and dual-input panel meters.

Wilcoxon Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Vibration Accelerometers

II) Vibration Test Shakers

Wilcoxon offers a variety of vibration generators, support equipment, and sensors for test and measurement applications, including modal analysis, structural monitoring, laboratory testing, and seismic sensing.

Piezoelectric and electromagnetic shakers are used to provide reliable structural excitation of a test article within a controlled, localized environment. By simulating such dynamic forces and natural frequencies, shakers can be used along with accelerometers and other vibration monitoring devices to reveal cracks, defects, weaknesses or other abnormalities, allowing engineers and test technicians to better predict structural behavior over time.

a) Piezoelectric Shakers Model F7, F7-1 and F4/F7

These lightweight, portable shakers generate large dynamic forces at very high frequencies for reliable sonic and ultrasonic structural excitation.




  • Compact, lightweight

  • Sonic and ultrasonic structural excitation

  • High frequencies

  • Stud-mounted directly to structures in any position

  • No external support or critical shaft alignment problems

b) Electromagnetic Shakers Model F3/Z602WA, F4/Z820WA, F10 and F10/Z820WA

Electromagnetic shakers excite primarily at low frequencies and can be used to measure components such as the first bending mode of airframes or ship hulls.

Impedance heads

An impedance head is a transducer consisting of two sensing elements: a force gage, which references the force acting between the shaker input connection and the test item connection, while the accelerometer senses the acceleration on the shaker face. Wilcoxon’s electromagnetic shaker systems include a built-in impedance head.


  • Low frequency applications

  • Integral impedance heads measure acceleration and force

  • No matching network required

  • Can be combined with piezoelectric shakers for wider operational bandwidth

Click here for the Wilcoxon shakers brochure.

Wilcoxon Piezoelectric Shaker
Wilcoxon Shaker Electromagnetic

III) Monitoring for Underwater, Defense & Aerospace Test & Measurement

Wilcoxon offers a range of sensors and shakers for test & measurement applications for Underwater, Defense and Aerospace sectors.


These include :-


a) Underwater & Defense

  • Underwater accelerometers

  • General purpose hydrophone

  • Ultra low-noise, wide band hydrophone

  • Low acceleration sensitivity hydrophone

  • Vector sensors (low frequency and mid frequency)

  • Constant voltage line drive accelerometer

  • Constant voltage drive accelerometers




b) Aerospace

  • Internally amplified velocity sensor

  • Internally amplified helicopter accelerometer

  • Sensors with extended EMI performance for electric motors


c) Test & Measurement

  • Piezoelectric shaker

  • Electromagnetic shaker system with impedance head

  • Accelerometers for use with shakers



Wilcoxon products have been supplied to the following customers :-

  • SAIC

  • Sikorsky

  • Electric Boat

  • L3-COM

  • Northrop Grumman



  • ONR


  • NRL

  • NIST

  • Scripps Institute

  • WHOI


  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center, NJ

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center, PC

  • Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

  • University of Texas, Applied Research Lab

  • University of Pennsylvania, Applied Research Lab

  • University of Washington, Applied Research Lab


More information at this link.

Product WR-Defence.png

The Industry Standard for

Floor & Structure
Vibration Monitoring

Wilcoxon Sensor, Wilcoxon 731A/P31, Floor Vibration
Wilcoxon Model 731A/P31
Seismic accelerometer and power/amplifier system, selectable sensitivity, acceleration or velocity sensing, ultra low frequency, with power supply and amplifier system, top exit 2-pin MIL-C-5015 connector, twin axial BNC input, BNC output, case isolated

Features :-
  • Seismic accelerometer features
  • Ultra low-frequency measurements
  • Power amplifier with gain levels 1X, 10X, 100X
  • Integrated velocity signal
  • Sensor-power supply interconnecting cable included
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