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Gantner, National Instruments, Test and Measurement, Condiition Monitoring, Vibration Testing

Gantner Instruments

Innovative Data Acquisition Solutions for Testing and Monitoring Applications


Gantner Instruments is your trusted partner in the modern test and measurement era for temperature, vibration, performance and structural monitoring. Experience superior technology at an affordable price point.


  • No needless subscriptions

  • No proprietary restrictions

  • No ridiculous lead times

Just results, as you want them and when you need them. Experience truly innovative measurement hardware, powerful software solutions, and free qualified technical support with Gantner Instruments.

Gantner Instruments is a customer-driven company that relieves all technical challenges related to digitizing physical quantities and efficient data storage and analysis by providing the necessary technologies, building blocks, and competencies to provide customers with personalized solutions to generate knowledge from data.

Go Gantner to experience the modern approach to data acquisition with high-quality measurement hardware, game-changing software solutions, and free qualified technical support without subscriptions, proprietary restrictions, or ridiculous lead times.

Contact us today for your customized vibration measurement and monitoring solution.


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Gantner Instruments for Online Vibration Monitoring

Gantner Instruments offer the flexibility to use different sensors with their vibration monitoring systems depending on your application. Sensors with built-in electronics such as IEPE and MEMS have a limited environmental temperature range in which they are viable. In contrast, PE sensors can be used under very high environmental or surface temperatures and have a broad measurement range but require special cables and a charge amplifier for signal conditioning.

Additional factors must be considered to achieve the best acceleration measurement results - elements like sensor mounting, cable fixation, avoiding group loop scenarios, sampling rate selection, and the data acquisition used.

Gantner Instruments, National Instruments, Test and Measurement, Vibration Monitoring, Condition Monitoring

Where is Vibration Measurement used?

Vibration measurement is used in applications such as monitoring the health of rotating machinery, testing and calibrating instruments, detecting faults in components and structures, and measuring sound levels in the environment. 


Vibration measurement can also be used for measuring the acceleration, velocity, and displacement of a system or object, as well as for analyzing the frequency content of a vibration signal. 


Additionally, vibration measurement can be used to determine the material properties of a sample, such as its stiffness, damping, and modulus of elasticity, as well as its natural frequency or resonance frequency.

Gantner Instruments, National Instruments, Test and Measurement, Vibration Monitoring, Condition Monitoring

Why Use Gantner Instruments?

  • Flexible Integration
    We provide cost-effective and robustly industrialized data acquisition hardware that easily adaptable to any application requirements and connects with any sensor.

  • Modern Connectivity
    Easy-to-use APIs, fieldbus interfaces, and modern publish-subscribe protocols, like DDS, iDDS, and OPC UA, to integrate the Q.series X into any supervisory control and data acquisition system.

  • Edge Computing
    Powerful and flexible packages for data evaluation essential to Vibration Measurement, e.g., FFT analysis, trend monitoring, alarm indication, and raw data storage for detailed data analysis.

  • Intelligent Design
    Our DAQ hardware performs powerful signal conditioning and charge amplification on the I/O level which saves you money in external hardware costs and reduces points of failure.

  • Future Proof
    All product generations are upward compatible and extendable with our latest products and lifetime calibration support. Such qualities are ultimately necessary to achieve the best acceleration measurement results.

Gantner Instruments, National Instruments, Test and Measurement, Vibration Monitoring, Condition Monitoring

Gantner Instruments is not just for vibration measurement and monitoring. Gantner Instruments' range of hardware has wide ranging applications whether for your proof of concept project, performance monitoring in civil engineering for cracks, fatigue and potentially catastrophic movement from forces acting on a structure, monitoring of voltage and string currents in solar plants, EV and battery testing , aero engine and aerospace structural testing, and many more applications.

If you are a system integrator Gantner Instruments' open architecture and ability to be used with any third party software is a dream because it is like a Lego set that allows you to plan, develop and build the project closely to your specifications instead of having to work within the restrictions imposed by a particular hardware's closed architecture.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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