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Kemo vibration sensors, vibration sensors

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Kemo Ltd
The Low Noise Experts

Electronic Signal Filtering and Signal Conditioning solutions since 1965


Kemo Ltd has been a global leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of electronic filters and signal conditioning instruments since 1965, during this time it has developed a reputation for the highest quality and accuracy. Over the last 56 years their range has expanded into a broader range of signal conditioning solutions for IEPE, Charge, PRT and other types of signal conditioning and amplification. In more recent times Kemo has also introduced a wide range of low noise cables, instrumentation cables, connectors, joiners and sensor mounting accessories.


Kemo most recent product addition is a range of general purpose IEPE impact hammers and handheld accelerometer calibrator.


Kemo continues to innovate and explore new opportunities to introduce new and improved products for the benefit of all their customers.

Mission statement

Kemo mission is to promote and support high quality signal capture to ensure engineering quality is at the forefront of product design, production and operation for all their customers.

Vision statement

Kemo vision is to ensure the future of engineering knowledge and understanding remains at the highest level.

Download the Kemo new product guide by clicking on the image below.

vibration sensors, Kemo sensors
Electronic Filters, Kemo, Vibration Sensors

Electronic Filters

Kemo high quality electronic analog filters remain the most accurate, repeatable and effective solution for the filtering of electronic signals pre digitisation and analysis.


The Kemo range is the most comprehensive available and covers every option for OEM and users. Kemo also supplies filter modules available for customers that wish to integrate a filter onto a circuit board, through to simple DIN rail mount filters.


Kemo multi channel fully programmable instruments provide the ultimate in flexibility in association with computer control.

Kemo signal conditioning amplifier, vibration sensors

IEPE Amplifiers

Although IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezoelectric) sensors is not a new technology there are a wide variety of applications where the measurement instrumentation is not configured with IEPE signal conditioning built in. In these situations it is necessary for the IEPE supply to be provided by an external source. Usually this type of instrument will also provide th user with the option to add gain to the signal being conditioned.


The Kemo range of IEPE signal conditioning instruments can be used as stand alone conditioners/amplifiers are many of them can also be integrated with filters.

Kemo low noise cable, vibration sensor

Cable Assemblies

The Kemo cable assembly team in the UK produce the highest quality cable assemblies for use with a wide range of sensing and measurement applications. By making the cable assemblies in their own factory they are able to ensure the quality of every connection and every assembly, each cable is fully tested and its capacitance checked. Due to their experience in signal conditioning they understand the critical elements to quality signal analysis, this includes the correct cable. This is particularly true for accelerometer cables and sensors cables which can introduce significant noise issues if not used correctly.

The connectors Kemo supplies are fully compatible with all accelerometer manufacturer products including PCB Piezotronics Inc., Endevco, Dytran, B&K (HBK), DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd, Meggit Sensing Systems, TE, MMF and all other global manufacturers.


Kemo has a range of stock cable assemblies available for same day or next day shipping (subject to requirement). In addition to their stock cables they are able to supply custom cable lengths to suit your applications, using only the best quality connectors and cable which is manufactured specifically for Kemo Ltd to their own specifications.


Their low noise (triboelectric) cable is ideal for use with charge output devices such as accelerometers, pressure sensors and other devices creating an electrical charge output which can be affected by motion induced noise within the cable. For more details on triboelectric noise, visit their technical library for more details.


All Kemo cable assemblies have their part numbers on them and the strain relief boots are colour coded to indicate the type of cable, Kemo blue for Low Noise Triboelectric and Green boots for standard screened coaxial cable. Kemo low triboelectric noise cable is also printed with ‘low noise cable’ along its entire length to aid identification.

Low outgassing cables for Satellite and Space applications are als0 part of Kemo’s range. Their standard cable stock meets all the requirements for vacuum applications in space, with only minor changes to the strain relief required on connectors we can ensure the full assembly meets all low outgassing requirements, for more details download their Application note here – DOWNLOAD


Connectors available, plugs and sockets, including some right angle options:

10/32UNF Microdot, M5 Microdot, BNC, TNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, Lemo® Connectors, 1/4-28UNF 4 pin

In addition to cable assemblies Kemo can also supply raw cable stock and connectors for self assembly, visit their Connectors page for more details. Kemo also has a wide range of cable joiners and bulkhead connectors visit their joiners page for more details.

Kemo, Charge Amplifier, Vibration Sensors

Charge Amplifiers

The use of charge amplifiers alongside piezoelectric charge output sensors is still widespread in many industries. This is due to the rugged and high temperature capabilities of the sensors. There are many challenges in using these sensors and it needs a good understanding of the technology to get a quality, noise free signal for accurate data.


Kemo range of charge amplifiers are designed to provide low noise amplification whilst offering a range of package configurations to suit everything from industrial condition monitoring through to field and lab based testing.


Some of Kemo charge amplifiers can be supplied with integrated filters for complex signal conditioning. Kemo also provides charge and IEPE amplifiers combined in one instrument.

IEPE accelerometers, Kemo, vibration sensors

IEPE Accelerometers

IEPE Accelerometers are a highly convenient type of sensor for vibration measurement. Integral Electronics Piezoelectric (IEPE) have integrated electronic amplifiers for direct connection to suitable DAQ which supply IEPE power.


Kemo’s range include everything from ultra-miniature devices weighing less than 0.5grams right through to seismic sensors with 10V/g sensitivity. Their range of triaxial IEPE accelerometers offer low mass and high frequency response.

If you have a requirement for a non standard sensitivity to suit your application please let us know, we can offer almost any sensitivity.


Kemo range of IEPE devices is constantly being expanded. They will shortly be launching a unique range of ultra miniature monaxial and triaxial accelerometers. If you can’t find something to suit your application please get in touch to get the very latest product availability.

Kemo accelerometer range also includes a wide range of Piezoelectric charge output devices.

If you require an IEPE signal conditioning unit, please visit our IEPE Conditioner product pages.

Kemo is proud of their constant development program. Using the depth of experience within their team in conjunction with their customers needs they aim to provide the full quality solution. Adding accelerometers to their range is a natural progression of the company and is the fulfillment of a high investment in R&D.

Kemo, vibration sensor, IEPE accelerometer

Connectors & Joiners

After many years supplying high quality signal conditioning instruments we understand the need to use high quality cable connectors & adaptors. Kemo’s experience as low noise experts dealing with signal noise and ensuring the best signal quality is critical in bringing these connectors, joiners and adaptors to the market. The connectors used by Kemo on its cable assemblies are fitted by engineers with years of experience. This attention to detail ensures quality signal transmission and minmial noise within the signal path.

Kemo are pleased to offer a range of unique EasyFIT microdot, SMB and SMC connectors for customers to create their own cable assemblies. Kemo’s own low noise triboelectric cable and coaxial cable stock is available in any length you require. These connectors have been developed with a simple solder bucket for connection and a crimp sleeve to secure the connector to the cable.

Piezoelectric accelerometers, Kemo IEPE accelerometers

Piezoelectric Charge Output Accelerometers

Piezoelectric accelerometers (charge output) are the original design that utilise piezoelectric material to generate an electrical charge which is proportional to the applied acceleration. These devices have many benefits due to their higher operating temperature and robust design with no internal electronics to limit operational use.


Use of PE charge output accelerometers does need some care as they require high quality low noise cables with clean connectors that should always be kept clean of any dirt or contaminants. In addition they also require external charge amplifiers to convert the natural charge output into volts before being measured by DAQ or vibration controller hardware.

In addition to PE charge output accelerometers Kemo also supplies a full range of IEPE accelerometers. These feature integral amplifier electronics, these can be connected directly to many DAQ systems.

PE accelerometers require charge amplifiers, Kemo have a wide range of solutions, visit their charge amplifier pages for details.

Kemo, impact hammer, vibration sensor

IEPE Impact Hammers

Kemo range of general purpose IEPE impact hammers offer a range of great cost effective solutions for a majority of applications requiring the excitation of a structure. The most common application being Modal testing whereby the structure is excited using the impact hammer and the response of the structure is measured using accelerometers. However instrumented hammers can also be used for crack detection and other structure related investigations.


All Kemo range features IEPE technology making them compliant with a majority of off the shelf data acquisition systems. However if you require signal conditioning for these hammers, please visit their IEPE signal conditioning product pages.


Each hammer is supplied as a kit including multiple hammer tips to suit different excitation frequencies as well as a 2m cable ending in a BNC plug, all securely presented in a carry case.

handheld calibrator, mounting accessories for accelerometers

Accelerometer Mounting Accessories, Handheld Calibrator, Simulator

In addition to instruments, cables and joiners, Kemo can also supply a range of accelerometer mounting studs and sensor accessories commonly used by their customers, these are generally available from stock and they are continuously expanding their range.

Kemo accessory range includes a wide choice of accelerometer mounting studs, magnets, petrowax and adhesive bases. The options include both isolated and non-isolated types.

Correct accelerometer mounting is a critical part of achieving high quality data with minimal noise and errors, the world of dynamics testing is a tricky one to master, at Kemo they have decades of testing experience and they can advise on the best solutions for your test.


Kemo can also supply the widely used handheld accelerometer calibrator VTCAL1 which provides an ideal field based testing solution to check correct accelerometer operation prior to test. Operating with a fixed 1grms amplitude and frequency of 159.2Hz, it is battery powered and comes in its own carry case.

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