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Adash A4900 Vibration Meter, Analyzer and Data Collector in One


The Adash A4900 Vibrio M is a Vibration Meter, Analyzer and Data Collector in One. The Vibrio M instrument allows you to perform all basic vibro-diagnostics measurements such as bearing condition, identification of mechanical faults and lubrication assessment. Our expert system for automatic machine fault detection is included.

The Adash A4900 Vibrio M along with free DDS software is the easiest start of your predictive maintenance program based on machinery condition. The Adash A4900 - Vibrio M is equipped with 4MB of memory for data storage. Data memory allows you to perform off-route and route measurements. 

The professional software DDS for Vibrio M can be downloaded from the Adash website free of charge. Collect the data with Vibrio M regularly and import them into DDS software. Follow vibration trends and observe the actual condition of your machines.

The Maintenance Swiss Army Knife vibration meter with features :-

  • FFT, Time Waveform

  • Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement

  • ISO 10816 standards

  • 16 hours of operation

  • IR thermometer

  • Stethoscope

  • LED Stroboscope

  • Collect, trend and analyze vibration data


Download the datasheet here.


Email for quotation and lead time.

Adash A4900 Vibrio

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