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Wilcoxon REF2510R

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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The Wilcoxon REF2510R ReferenceMate Handheld Vibration Shaker Kit is a portable vibration reference source that comes with ruggedized protective boot, batteries, carrying case, 1/4-28 stud, D-clip, carabiner, wrench.

Wilcoxon REF2510R Referencemate Handheld Vibration Shaker Kit
Wilcoxon REF2510R

Designed for everyday use in harsh industrial environments, ReferenceMate adds confidence to measurements by providing a constant 1 g peak or RMS acceleration level over three user-selectable frequencies. ReferenceMate enables quick field verification of entire monitoring systems including sensor, cable, enclosure and data collector.


  • User-selectable operating frequency and measurement type

  • Rugged protective boot

  • Allows quick verification of sensor operation in the field

For more information visit the official Wilcoxon REF2510R webpage or download the brochure here. Please contact us at for a quotation.

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